I have a practice in psychotherapy which I started over 20 years ago. I trained in Transactional Analysis, which is a lengthy and rigorous integrative approach to the practice of psychotherapy. T.A. combines the traditions of psychoanalysis, cognitive and behavioural approaches, developmental theory and social psychology. In brief, a T.A. approach addresses a wide range of issues linked to personal change, such as internal conflict (our intrapsychic process), external conflict (our relationship difficulties) and repetitive life patterns which limit or damage us. One of the great strengths of this approach is that it equips a client with tools and insights to manage life's challenges in a positive way. Over the years, my approach has deepened to incorporate insights from neuroscience, meditation, mindfulness and self development.

I see all new clients for an initial consultation. There is no commitment to continue beyond the first session, on either side. This allows a client to meet and experience being with me, and allows me to gain a clearer picture of a client's needs and history in order to clarify that I can be of help.

I work with adults and young people over the age of 18, (although I maintain a life-long interest in the welfare of children via longstanding roles in therapeutic fostering and adoption). I am committed to supporting others in their personal growth and change. To model this, I have personally undertaken long-term psychotherapy.

The types of issues that clients bring include anxiety, depression, loss, bereavement, childhood abuse, low confidence and self-esteem, relationship difficulties, personal dissatisfaction and personality issues, stress and work/life balance, compulsions, life changes and motivational issues. I do not work with addictions such as drug related, unless the person seeking help is in a rehabilitation programme. I cannot work with individuals with psychotic illnesses. These areas require higher levels of support than I can offer.

As a registered Psychotherapist, I adhere to the codes of ethics and good practice as laid down by my professional bodies- the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy and the United Kingdom Association for Transactional Analysis.